Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Health Checks

The benefits of periodic health checks

In conjunction with eating healthy and having regular exercise, a regular health check with your GP allows you to stay on top of your health matters.

What are health checks? And why do we need them?

Well firstly, plan to see your GP once every 3 months, whether you have a concern or not, this way you can keep a peace of mind, and enjoy your life knowing that you are fit and healthy.

Often people never know when they have contracted a particular disease, virus, bug etc... Regular visits to your doctor means that you can identify and address any issue that otherwise might have gone undiagnosed by you.

With respect to health checks, one thing to consider with reference to women's health is that the female specie has a completely different physiological development. In most cases, these health issues relate to the female genitalia and the breasts or in some cases issues brought out by hormonal changes in the female body. Remember it is very common that women develop thrush, or breast cancer, and or ovarian cancer, so it is imperative to keep a tab on all health checkups provided.

Among other issues, women should discuss or address the following with their physician; menstruation, contraception, maternal health, child birth, menopause and breast cancer. These health issues can also relate to non-hormonal causes or problems not directly related to the biology of females.

Periodic health checks are particularly important for teenagers; particularly once the individual is sexually active. Reaching puberty can suddenly kick start hormonal changes and urges that often are misunderstood by teenage girls. Teenage sexual health is an important aspect of teenage life, and certain advices are given to help teenagers have a healthier life. Your GP will have invaluable advice pertaining to safe sex, contraception, and understanding the physiological changes that are brought on by puberty.

Talking to your parents about topics pertaining to sex (seeing as they were once teenagers too) is, though not easy, is almost certainly very useful. Try to discuss sexual matters with your partner even, if you are sexually active, your girlfriends and close family.

Making sure that you have all the information you require to understand your health matters is paramount.

Periodic health checks can help you, learn about different options available to you for example contraception, how to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases, how to get your partner tested for STIs and how to check for STI's plus much more.

STI clinics exist for those who are willing to get tested, and also for those that are looking for answers to certain questions. STI clinics offer services like testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs); advice about sexual health; free condoms; contraception, including emergency contraception such as the morning-after pill; HIV testing, including rapid tests that give results in about 30 minutes and counselling HIV positive people.

Remember, a healthy body means a healthy mind, and a prosperous life.

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